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2021_Subjects (IMLEX Program)

Subjects (IMLEX Program)

Subject Name
(Name in Japanese)
Credits Instructor
General subjects Compulsory Ethics for Researchers
Japanese Communication Theory 2 C.Ishikawa
IMLEXprogram Compulsory Case Study in Imaging and Light and XR 4 Supervisor
Advanced Research Methods
2 Supervisor
Supervised Research in Computer Science and Engineering
6 Supervisor
Data Science and Analysis 1 1 T. Akiba
Data Science and Analysis 2 1 S. Kuriyama
Lighting Elective Required Human Sensation and Perception 1 1 S. Nakauchi
Human Sensation and Perception 2 1 K. Koida
X Reality and Psychology 1 1 M. Kitazaki
X Reality and Psychology 2 1 T. Matsui T. Minami
Imaging 3D Vision Computation 1 1 Y. Kanazawa
3D Vision Computation 2 1 Y. Sugaya
Robotic Perception and Human-Robot Interaction 1 1 J. Miura
Robotic Perception and Human-Robot Interaction 2 1 N. Ohshima R. Ohmura
Subjects Elective Management Science 2
Culture and Communication I 2 R.Asai
Culture and Communication II 2
Principles of Japanese Conversation 2 Y. Muramatsu
Principles of Japanese Grammar 2 Y. Yoshimura
Japanese Life Today
Japanese Industrial Technologies and Innovations 2
IMLEX program Elective Networking, Advanced 1 1 K. Umemura
Networking, Advanced 2 1 R. Ohmura
Information Visualization 1 S. Kuriyama
Computers and Education
2 K. Kawai
Algorithm Engineering, Advanced *1 1 T. Fujito
Molecular Simulation 1
1 N. Kurita
Molecular Simulation 2
1 H. Goto
Computational Intelligence in Brain System
1 K. Murakoshi
Advanced System and Knowledge Sciences 1 Y. Ishida
Information Security 1 K. Suzuki
Auditory System and Sound Perception *2 1 T. Matsui
Advanced Computer Architecture 1 Y. Sato
Statistical Machine Learning Theory 1 K. Watanabe

*1 「Algorithm Engineering, Advanced」英語での開講
4月入学者「Advanced Topics in Algorithm Engineering(アルゴリズム工学特論)」日本語での開講

*2 「Auditory System and Sound Perception」英語での開講
4月入学者「Advanced Topics in Auditory System (聴覚システム論)」日本語での開講