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Site Policy

The following Usage Regulations are conditions for using this website (herinafter, “this website”), which is maintained and operated by Toyohashi University of Technology (hereinafter, “TUT”) with the primary intention of providing various services and information. The Usage Regulations are subject to change without prior notice. Please check the content of the latest version.

Usage Regulations

1. Intellectual Property

Copyright and all other rights related to the information and other content given on this site belong to TUT and users authorized by TUT. Copying, transfer or reuse of content given on this website without permission is not permitted.

2. Disclaimer

TUT has taken the greatest care when posting information and other content on this website. However, TUT does not warranty the correctness, completeness or usefulness of the information.

TUT shall not bear any responsibility for damages arising from use, or failure to be able to use for any reason, the infromation on this website.

Furthermore, TUT shall not bear responsibility for software or hardware issues or any other damages that occur as a result of using this website.

TUT may modify or delete information on this website, or cancel or discontinue operation of this website without prior notice. TUT shall not bear any responsibility for any damages related to such a change. Thank you for your understanding.

3. Links to this Website

Websites other than this website that are linked to from this website or that have links to this website are managed at the responsibility of each of the website operators and are not managed by TUT. When using linked websites, follow the usage regulations of that website. TUT shall not bear responsibility for the contents or use of linked/linking websites. Links from this website are provided for the convenience of the user and do not constitute recommendations for the use of the website or products and services described therein. These links do not necessarily represent any kind of partnership or special relationship between the organization or individual that manages/operates the linked website and TUT.

4. Privacy Policy

This website takes care to protect personal information provided by the user. For details, refer to the Personal Information Protection Policy page.

5. Use of Google Analytics

This website gathers usage data using Google Analytics in order to better understand how our website is being used. Cookies are being used to collect data for Google Analytics, but the cookie is not used to gather information that identify individual users. Data collected by Google Analytics is managed according to Google’s privacy policy. Google’s privacy policy can be viewed at the following website.

Use by Google of Information Collected by Websites and Applications Using Google Services

To disable provision of data to Google Analytics by the browser you are using, install the Google Analytics opt out addon from the website below.

Google Analytics Opt Out Addon

6. Revisions to the Site Policy

TUT may revise the site policy for this website. When updated it will be placed on this website.

Recommended Environment

The following web browser, plugin and other settings are recommended for the optimal use of this website.

1. Web Browser

When using Windows (8, 10)
  • Microsoft® InternetExplorer® 11.0 or Edge
  • Mozilla® Firefox, latest version
  • Google Chrome, latest version
When using Macintosh (OS X)
  • Safari, latest version
  • Mozilla® Firefox, latest version
  • Google Chrome, latest version

2. Javascript and Stylesheets

Pages on this website use Javascript and stylesheets. When viewing the page, we recommend setting up your browser to enable use of Javascript and stylesheets. (When the above settings are disabled, the screen may not display correctly, and some features may not be able to be used.)

3. Plugins

Some pages on this website use the following plugins. When contents on this website cannot be viewed or displayed properly, download the latest version of the plugin from the following banner.

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