Program | IMLEX International Master of Science Program in Imaging and Light in Extended Reality

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Erasmus Mundus Japan - Master of Science in Imaging and Light in Extended Reality (IMLEX Joint Master Degree Program)

The student will gain understanding and training in the imaging, rendering and lighting technologies that underpin extended reality (XR) technology together with the interactions of these with cognitive science and combine this with robotics, AI and other fields of research to become international people ready to deploy and apply extended reality technology in applications that can be established in society through this two and a half year Master's Studies program.

Program Features

  • Study with successive visits to universities in Japan and two European countries (Finland, Belgium/France).
  • Multiple degrees can be received in Japan and Europe.
  • This educational program with international industry partnership includes corporate partners of Japan and Europe, enabling graduate research proposed by university and partners from the business world.
  • Select between a concentration on lighting or a concentration on computational imaging.

Lighting concentration

  • Study practical lighting design and new business model knowledge
  • Adoption of virtual reality, mixed reality and augmented reality in order to add new dimensions to lighting design
  • Adoption of cognitive scienctific approaches to reality

Imaging concentration

  • Learning about computer rendering and imaging
  • AI applications
  • Adoption of smart imagiging, robotics and human-robot interaction combined with AI technology

Term 1: University of Eastern Finland

Common Course Credits credits
Photonics and Optics Fundamentals 4ECTS
Design and Analysis of Algorithms 4ECTS
Robotics and XR 4ECTS
Physical Optics 4ECTS
Eye Tracking 4ECTS
English, Japanese, or national language 2ECTS
Lighting Concentration Courses credits
Mathematical Methods for Photonics 4ECTS
Applications of Photonics 4ECTS
Computational Imaging Concentration Courses credits
Color Science 4ECTS
Advanced Spectral Imaging 4ECTS

Term 2: KU Leuven / University Jean Monnet Saint-Etienne

Lighting Concentration Course (KU Leuven) credits
Lightning Science 6ECTS
Lighting Technology 6ECTS
Lighting Metrology 3ECTS
Lighting Design 6ECTS
Lighting Business 6ECTS
English, Japanese, or National language 3ECTS
Computational Imaging Concentration Courses (University Jean Monnet Saint-Etienne) credits
Real-time 3D Visualization 5ECTS
Real-time processing of Conventional/Non-Conventional Image with GPU 5ECTS
Complex Computer Rendering Methods in Real Time 6ECTS
Machine Leaning: Fundamentals and Algorithms 5ECTS
Deep Learning and Computer Vision 6ECTS
English, Japanese, or National language 3ECTS

Term 3: Toyohashi University of Technology

Lighting Concentration Course credits
Human Sensation & Perception 4ECTS
X Reality and Psychology 4ECTS
Computational Imaging Concentration Courses credits
3D Vision Computation 4ECTS
Robotic Perception and Human-robot Interaction 4ECTS
Common Courses credits
Data Science and Analysis 4ECTS
Advanced Research Methods 4ECTS
Case Study in Imaging and Light and XR 8ECTS
Japanese Culture and Society 4ECTS
Ethics for Researchers 2ECTS

Term 4: Japanese/European Electives

Master's Research credits
Graduate research project related to topics proposed by the 4 universities and industry partners from Japan and Europe 30ECTS
Master's Thesis Joint Examination
Joint Examination at Toyohashi University of Technology


  • From Toyohashi University of Technology
    Master of Engineering
  • From University of Eastern Finland
    Master of Science in Computer Science "Imaging and Light in Extended Reality"
  • From KU Leuven (Lighting concentration)
    Erasmus Mundus Japan-Master of Science in Imaging and Light in Extended Reality
  • From University Jean Monnet Saint-Etienne (Imaging concentration)
    Master Optics, Image, Vision, Multimedia with the specialization "Imaging and Light in Extended Reality"